The Valve Clinic

The Valve Clinic was established to meet the needs of complex patients who are suffering from valve disease in a comprehensive one day visit. You will undergo a thorough evaluation that will include a clinical evaluation, diagnostic studies (if necessary), and education about the severity of your valve disease.

Your assessment will include an evaluation by one of our board-certified cardiologists, as well as a meeting with one of our board-certified cardiothoracic surgeons to discuss potential options. Any previous studies or work-ups that you might already have will be reviewed with you.

Patients may be referred by their physician or may self-refer. The Valve Clinic coordinator will return your phone call within 48 hrs and make all necessary arrangements for your visit to assure everything is in place at the time of the clinic appointment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 877.974.3571 or email [email protected]


Outcomes & Quality

The fact is, all hospitals are not equal. And you, the patient, have to make a choice, a choice on which your good health depends. Hospitals with a broad range of services can treat more complex medical conditions, such as heart valve disease.

When considering which hospital to choose for your heart valve care, you'll want to know the answer to the  following questions:

  • Does the hospital have experience with my condition?
  • Has my condition been successfully treated at this hospital?
  • Does the quality or services exceed others?

At Aspirus Heart & Vascular the answer to all these questions is YES! 

See for yourself. Click Here to see our valve surgery outcomes data for the last five years